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Capri PTA & EEF Fundraisers

The Capri PTA & EEF help provide programs and resources for all of the Capri Elementary students -- and a lot of this is made possible through annual fundraisers.

"Nothing teaches character better than generosity."


The Membership drive is the first of two fundraisers sponsored by the PTA.  This organization helps parents, students, school staff, and community work together on programs and activities that benefit our children.


Each spring Capri students raise money through pledges for the Jog-A-Thon.  This event is a no-pressure, no-sales fundraising event that is fun for students and a great opportunity for sponsors to support our school.

Capri Elem - Fall Festival Icon Orange.p

Fall Festival

Come join the fun at the Capri Fall Festival!  Event is filled with plenty of food, games and music for all! Friends and Family Welcome.

Restaurant Nights

Throughout the school year, local restaurants host a restaurant night open to Capri Families.  A percentage of the events sale proceeds are given back to Capri.

EEF Annual Giving Fund

Annual Giving Fund (AGF) is sponsored by the Encinitas Educational Foundation. This fundraiser happens at the beginning of the school year to raise funds for the WHEEL program.*

Capri Elem - Spring Auction Icon Orange.

EEF Spring Gala & Auction 

The second fundraiser of EEF kicks off with an Online Auction and a Gala to raise the additional funds for the WHEEL program.*

To volunteer to help make this year's fundraisers or programs a success, reach out to our volunteer coordinator.


Offering your support through time, talent, and other means is a great way to help the school, your child, and meet other parents!

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